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Nowadays, looking beautiful is not at all difficult and only requires you to follow a few things. You wouldn’t reach the quality and standard of beauty that you want by simply hanging around and doing nothing. Yes, you need to do something other than taking a bath everyday and all the usual daily routines. You actually need more. Well, getting it directly, it simply means that you actually need the NYX cosmetics review.

NYX cosmetics were created by Toki Ko who believes that a product doesn’t have to be expensive just to have high quality. Through NYX cosmetics review, Ko was able to finally connect these two aspects that are seem to be impossible to connect- quality and affordability.

NYX cosmetics have varieties of products that the said line is proud to offer. The first product would be the NYX eye shadows. The company offers wide range of colors for eye shadows so as to have many options. Through the wide range of colors, you would not have to buy and buy and buy continuously different eye colors. A set is all it takes to be able to join with the makeup trends. Having many options would make you have the opportunity to mix and match colors according to your will and according to what’s in the current fad. One of the sets that are available is called NYX cosmetics mosaic powder. According to a NYX cosmetics review, this set is able to offer five colors that are good to combine and at the same time follows the current fad which is the water color look.

NYX cosmetics

The eye shadows in the NYX cosmetics mosaic powder could actually be mixed all at once. These five colors could be combined depending on your ability and skill to combines the colors. Combining eye colors has its own art. To have the water color look using the five colors, the first thing that is needed to be done is to start with the lighter shade that you have in your compact. Start with the inner part of the eyelids until you reach the outer layer. Moreover, as you move forward to the outer layer, then choose a darker shade each time you progress on the outer eyelids. Also remember that brushing of the eye shadows should start from the inner to the outer until the colors are harmoniously mixed.

Aside from the eye shadows, the NYX cosmetics lipstick is also a familiar and famous product of the company. To compliment the lipstick, you should also use a lip gloss over it. But remember to be sure with the lipstick’s color. If you are wearing the said water color look, your lips shouldn’t be emphasized anymore. Use light color such as beige for your lips. Try NYX cosmetics and see what beauty really means.

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Latest Makeup Trends

New Makeup trendIn the world inhabited of continuous struggle from improvement and beauty; it is undeniably true that continuous innovations and trends are to be expected every year in every season to change for time to time. Since different sets and styles of makeup are launched from time to time, makeup fad is also expected to change from time to time. New makeup trends are able to conquer the fashion and beauty industry.

With the change of season, makeup trends are also changed to fit the current season and go along with the changes that are occurring from time to time. Let’s start with the winter makeup trends.

The winter makeup trend is composed of different variations of styles and looks. The 80’s colors for eye shadows which are blue and purple are invading the fad. But this does not only go with the eye shadows. Daring purple shades for blush on are even used in the winter trend. Moreover, in the aspect of lipsticks and lip gloss, a bold matte red lip is combined with the powerful blue and purple shades.

Summer makeup trends on the other hand goes in a different ways. The summer makeup trends are invaded by water color shades. This is specifically applies with the eyes. The water color eyes style is incorporated with mixing different varieties of colors and shades which will create a water color effect in the eyes. Since the eyes will have all the possible attention that it could get, the lips and other parts of the face are to remain nude. They would incorporate light colors that are almost inexistent in the eyes of many people.

With the winter’s 80’s colors and the summer’s water color style, spring has its own style that would invade the runway. The look would be most likely take you back to your childhood times- when pink, red and the similar colors conquer the season.

The spring makeup trends are composed of an over-all Barbie look and dominated by girly colors such as pink and red. Vibrancy through pink is emphasized. The trend is pretty much a simple but elegant one. Using pink and red shades for the cheeks and the lips, using other colors for the eyes wouldn’t be that much bad either. What you should remember with this trend is that balance should be able to accomplish. Moreover, gloss and glitters are also pretty much a craze with the spring trend.

Fashion and trends do change from time to time, it would depend on you if you want to follow the fad or have a style on your own. The most important thing is that you look fabulous in your own way either you follow the fad or not.

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How To Apply Blush For Color That Lasts

Apply BlushApplying blush is considered as the easiest way to add charm on the face of a woman. However, the popularity of blush has declined despite of the mentioned fact. The current figures have shown over twenty percent drop in women applying blush from figures of the year 1948. The reason for this downfall is unknown and we hope that this will change soon. It is important one should know how to apply blush. If one does not know how to apply blush properly the result may be opposite than what we anticipate. Correct use of blush will help in providing healthy color to the skin and that too with ease.

In order to achieve natural glow on face and correct color proper use of blush is very important. Some key Blush tips are listed below for assistance.

o Selecting the right color is the basic thing which one should get right in order to make blush effective. It is advisable to spend a bit more and buy correct color rather then trying to save some money and spoiling the whole purpose of applying blush. The color you select should be matching to your cheek color. An easy way to do this is to see your natural lip color and buy that color. It will reflect your cheek color when they are flushed.
o After the color, next comes blush types depending on the type select your blush type. If your skin is dry use cream blush and in case it’s oily, use powder or gel blush.
o It is ideal to apply blush at the end after foundation, lipstick, eye liner etc. The reason is simple as it will give you the correct idea on how much color you need to make it look amazing without overdoing.
o While applying the blush, use blush brush. Accumulate color on the brush and tap off the excess and then stroke upward and outward on the cheek bones. Smiling while applying blush helps to correctly locating cheek bone.
o One stroke is enough for healthy look. The only point is to make sure that the blend is right.
o If used in excess, it gets difficult to remove it. If you are using a cream brush, then a tissue is enough to do the trick. If another type of blush is used, then a light foundation will help in neutralizing it.
o Finally experience will make it perfect.

In the end adding to these blush tips, few more things to be careful about are

o High level of maintenance for blush brush.
o Sweep in one direction.
o If not sure of the color try light shades.
Hopefully these blush tips will help in providing you easy and effective healthy color.

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